Upswell LA

Where changemakers build a better world together

   November 14-16, 2018
   Los Angeles, California

What is Upswell?

Changemakers today face mounting challenges – but not insurmountable. When we join together as purpose-driven professionals, we can rise to any challenge. And that’s what Upswell is about.

Upswell is an immersive, high-energy forum for turning ideas into action. Forge new partnerships, address big challenges, exchange lessons learned, and explore best practices for advancing your mission.

We are rising to meet the challenge together.

Who's it for?

If you’re working to change the world for the better, then Upswell is for you. It’s that simple.

Nonprofit professionals and social entrepreneurs, community leaders and corporate citizens – changemakers are as diverse as the problems we’re trying to solve. Every perspective gets us closer to new solutions. Social collisions can yield powerful and unexpected results.

Your ideas and experiences make you unique. Will you join us?

Featured Speakers

Featured Workshops

What if you could spend 60 to 90 minutes changing yourself – your outlook, knowledge base, skill set, toolbox, or network? That’s what Upswell workshops are all about. They offer a change-making environment for personal experimentation, growth, and connection – rewarding curiosity about what can be. They provide an interactive venue for honing or acquiring new skills, and a wide variety of ways to understand how changework happens – and how we can collaborate to make greater impact.

How to Use the Lean Methodology for Social Change

Get ready to break out of business as usual. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to deliver greater impact at greater scale using lean methodology.

Extended Reality for Social Good

Why tell people about your mission when they can experience it instead? The future of storytelling for good is virtual. Ready to plug in?

Building Your Skills for a Race Equity Culture

We all are responsible for ensuring that racial equity isn’t just a lens we use in our work. This workshop will help you develop the skillsets needed to make a culture of racial equity a reality for the entire social sector.

Moneyball for Advocacy and Equity

Billy Beane took the unorthodox approach of using metrics (instead of intuition) to build a powerhouse MLB team. Learn how you can also use that method in your changework to make a positive impact.

Fostering a Healthy Democracy

Tired of the political divide that seems to be eating away at our country? This workshop will teach you how you can help bridge the gap.

Transformative Tech and You

How can tech change your culture, vision, and impact? Here’s your chance to learn how the most radical uses of tech can significantly improve lives.

Public Square

The public square is at the very heart of civil society. It’s where we build community, test ideas, and make change. It’s where creativity, innovation, science, spirituality, and strategy collide in fantastic ways. And it’s where you’ll discover some of Upswell’s most distinctive and memorable features.

Los Angeles Immersion

Los Angeles projects the power of diversity. Diverse people and cultures. Diverse opportunities and challenges. Diverse neighborhoods and landscapes. Diverse kinds of thinking, hoping, feeling, being. Upswell is designed so that you’ll experience it all – not from a screen or a microphone, but on the ground, in the community, directly absorbing LA’s vibrant energy.

LA Inside & Out Tours

Specially designed in collaboration with community leaders across Los Angeles, these half-day tours take you on a journey of social innovation into the heart of LA’s most dynamic neighborhoods where you’ll have the chance to participate like a local rather than just observe as an outsider.

Community Dinners

Upswell Community Dinners offer a chance to get outside the hotel to experience firsthand how food and mission can go together. Sit down with strangers, go home with friends, ideas – maybe even a solution or two.

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