Friday, November 15

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Drink as You Pour

Location: Salon B (Lower Level)

Reflection Activity
Mind, Body, Soul

There is a lot of buzz about work-life balance, boundaries and learning to say no. People are expected to pour everything they’ve got into their work, leaving little for their deeper fulfillment. The concept of “drink as you pour” teaches you to use your work as part of the practice, not as separate from it. In this you open to the flow of sacred consciousness pouring through you, saturating you as well as all those you touch.

Each 20-minute Changemakers’ Toolkit session introduces a key yogic tool to transform changemakers’ work and personal lives.

Presented by Kashi Atlanta

Instructor and Mentor
Kashi Atlanta
Yoga Programs Director, Senior Instructor, PAS
Kashi Atlanta