Thursday, November 14

9:30 am – 11:30 am

How to Create Resilient Systems Change

Location: Williford B (3rd Floor)

Deep Dive Workshop
Chicago, Community Engagement

It might be tempting to worry that our best efforts to fix society’s worst problems will eventually give way to the status quo. But fear not! By learning how to shift the very conditions that hold inequities in place, you can create systems changes that is resilient and lasting.

Guided by the success of Thrive Chicago, you’ll practice using an action learning guide to assess systems change conditions and develop tactics that go beyond programmatic solutions to systems-level interventions.

Presented by Thrive Chicago and FSG Inc.

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Creating and Sustaining System Change Collaboration

Director of Programs
Collective Impact Forum
Director of Data Strategies
Thrive Chicago
Chief Strategy Officer
Thrive Chicago
Senior Consultant
FSG Inc.