Thursday, November 14

2:30 pm – 3:45 pm

Identifying and Managing Power in Social Change Work

Location: Salon A-2 (Lower Level)

There’s so much exciting work happening in the social sector on the topics of equity and creating sustainable change for communities and systems, but that work doesn’t always explicitly address power. This workshop will help you identify ways that power may be manifesting in and affecting your work within your organization and when collaborating with external partners. We’ll pull examples and ideas from academic theory, practice, and the audience’s experiences. You’ll also have a chance to learn and practice strategies for managing power in a way that helps you build stronger, more authentic relationships and reach desired outcomes.

Presented by Arabella Advisors and Antioch University

More about this workshop:

Managing the impact of power on your changework

Associate Director, Learning & Development; PhD Candidate
Arabella Advisors; Antioch University