Thursday, November 14

10:20 am – 10:40 am

Inclusivity, Competition and Community Needs: Formalizing your Approach to Market Analysis

Location: Normandie Lounge (2nd Floor)

Spotlight Stage
Big Ideas

The changing needs of constituents, priorities of funders, difficulty finding staff, the sheer volume of other nonprofits…there’s a lot of forces influencing nonprofit organizations. It is easy to understand how leadership may feel overwhelmed. Solutions abound – collaboration, merger, collective impact, but before jumping to conclusions, let’s include more voices and truly understand, “What does our community need us to do?” We’ll discuss a structured framework designed to include more voices, understand competition, breakdown beneficiary needs and engage in a holistic look at your organization’s role in the broader community.

Presented by Spectrum Nonprofit Services

Senior Consultant, Practice Director
Spectrum Nonprofit Services