Friday, November 15

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Changing Landscape of Religion, Spirituality, and Identity in America

Location: Salon A-4 (Lower Level)

Mind, Body, Soul

To change minds and motivate people, you must tap into their moral beliefs. For millions of Americans, a key source of those beliefs is spirituality and/or religion. Fetzer Institute and Hattaway have teamed up for a groundbreaking study of spirituality in America, exploring how people experience and practice spirituality within and outside traditional religions. Learn how  to connect your changemaking work to deeply held beliefs that give people hope, to humanity and the greater good, and to the meaning and purpose in life.

Presented by Fetzer Institute

More about this workshop:

Can Connecting Your Work to Spiritual Values Make Changework More Effective?

Program Director, Engagement
The Fetzer Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
University of Chicago
Senior Associate
Hattaway Communications, Inc.