Immersive Arcade

XR for Change Immersive Arcade

What if you could experience how it feels to be a social worker conducting a follow-up interview? Or what it’s like to live as a homeless person in Los Angeles? Or what happens when you’re told a nuclear missile is just minutes away?

In the XR for Change Immersive Arcade, you’re invited to simulate more than a dozen mission-driven experiences so vivid that your brain will think they’re real. You’re not sitting down to watch a movie. You’re strapping in to be part of a new environment. So, what’s it like to walk in someone else’s shoes? You’re invited to find out.

Future Dreaming

12 Minutes

In this immersive virtual reality film you will step into a time warping dream bubble as four young Aboriginal Australians guide you through their futures. Be ready for an intergalactic adventure. Look out for the space emus!

Creator: SUTU
Platform: Oculus Rift

38 Minutes

6 Minutes

38 Minutes centers on the Hawaiian Nuclear Missile False Alarm of January 13th, 2018. The experience explores the growing and urgent threat of nuclear war, using testimonies from Hawaiian citizens who were forced to confront those realities first-hand.

Creator: Atlas V, Princeton University, Archer’s Mark, Games for Change
Platform: Oculus Rift

Last Whispers

7 Minutes

An “immersive oratorio” featuring recordings of extinct and endangered languages from around the globe, both sung and spoken.

Creator: Emblematic Group, Lena Herzog
Platform: Oculus Rift


15 Minutes

RE-ANIMATED brings back to life the Kaua’i ʻōʻō bird, which went extinct in 1987. The work re-imagines our relationship to natural history.

Creator: Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Platform: Oculus Rift


5 Minutes

Nationwide there are 5,100 monuments of people, 718 of which are confederate monuments and only 294 are women. Monuments is an AR experience aimed at bringing balance to that massive disparity. Commemorating iconic underrepresented figures, both historic and current, by recreating their likeness in 3D paintings created in VR, exhibited in AR and accompanied by a walking tour or live talk that educates the audience on the importance of the figures featured.

Creator: Movers and Shakers NYC
Platform: iPad/iOS


20 Minutes

AVEnueS is an interactive virtual reality learning experience around a typical scenario social workers face when performing in-person follow-up interviews.

Creator: Accenture Interactive
Platform: Oculus Go

Invite Only VR

4 Minutes

Invite Only VR is a VR-based video game intervention focused on JUUL/e-cigarette prevention and nicotine addiction in teens. The game uses voice recognition software, allowing teens to practice refusing peers in real time.

Creator: play4REAL Lab at Yale University, PreviewLabs Inc.
Platform: Oculus Go

Homeless: A Los Angeles Story

16 Minutes

An immersive journey into the heart of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles with four individuals trying to make a difference (A NextVR Original).

Creator: NextVR
Platform: Oculus Go

Inside Manus

8 Minutes

Inside Manus combines the powerful testimony of refugees held in Australia’s Manus Island immigration detention center, with the immersive power of virtual reality storytelling. The experience transports you behind the razor-wire of Australia’s secretive offshore processing regime to hear the stories of three detainees told in their own voices and in their own words.

Creator: Visitor.Vision, SUTU, Hoodlum Entertainment
Platform: Oculus Go

Send Me Home

13 Minutes

In 1975, Rickey Jackson was convicted of murder based on the testimony of a 12-year-old boy. 39 years later that key witness recanted his testimony, citing police coercion. Send Me Home presents a portrait of one of the longest-serving exonerees in U.S. history, and his surreal, new life post-prison.

Creator: Lonelyleap Film, Ohio Innocence Project
Platform: Oculus Go

Girl Icon

8 Minutes

Meet Rani, a Girl Icon, who’s part of a growing movement of fearless girls leading change in their communities.

Creator: Espii Studios, little GIANT Wolf, Oculus VR For Good, Malala Fund, Milaan Foundation
Platform: Oculus Go


10 Minutes

Edith is a 14-year-old living in the village of Centre Lobo. Edith travels by foot through the jungle to have a life-transforming surgery.

Creator: Artie, Oculus VR for Good, Mercy Ships
Platform: Oculus Go

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