Thursday, November 14

12:30 pm – 1:15 pm

100% That (Networking) Lunch

Location: Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor)

Big Ideas

Upswell Took a DNA Test, Turns Out We’re 100% That (Networking) Lunch.Join one of the three lunch discussions groups today in Salon A! Grab your lunch at 12:30 and head to one of the following rooms.

1.    How might we best to get support and attention for bridge-building in this climate of storming the barricades? Salon A, cluster by coffee station and A-4
2.    How might leaders best balance personal beliefs, staying true to themselves, in today’s political, social, and tech-connected climate? Salon A, cluster by coffee station and A-5
3.    How do we meaningfully engage, and support the participation of, all voices in our work? Salon A, chair cluster behind storycorps bus by A-2

Presented by Independent Sector