Director, “Resilient Institutions & Sustainable Environments” (RISE) Lab

Wayne State University


Rahul Mitra (PhD, Purdue University) is an associate professor of organizational communication at Wayne State University, in Detroit MI. His research focuses on sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, leadership, and organizing for social change. Rahul’s work has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed publications such as Management Communication Quarterly, Human Relations, Public Relations Review, and Journal of Business Ethics, and he has co-edited the volume Movements in Organizational Communication Research with Routledge Press. At Wayne State, he directs the “Resilient Institutions & Sustainable Environments” (RISE) Lab, which examines how communicative practices enable resilience and sustainability in a variety of organizations, ranging from for-profit companies to nonprofits, and purpose-driven consultancies to community associations. He is presently working on the Transformation and Resilience through Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (TREE) project, which examines the broader social-ecological impacts of such ecosystems in postindustrial cities like Detroit.